No Longer a Rookie

So prior to the start of this season, I had never taken a swim lesson, had not ridden a bike since I was a kid and running was always my punishment in any sport I played.  Coming off the momentum of a body transformation contest where I was selected as a winning runner up, I needed a new challenge and Ironman sounded pretty tough to say the least.  I got some books traded in my motorcycle for a Trek Equinox 7 a nice starter triathlon bike and I was in training.  My lack of knowledge for the specificity of triathlon training led me straight to a nasty overuse injury.  After many months of rehabilitation and various modalities I finally beat the IT band.  During this time I also came to the realization that I was quickly becoming paralyzed by analysis and getting nothing accomplished a side effect of my exercise science background.  I hired Bob Duncan of Veritas Endurance Coaching to facilitate my training towards Ironman New York 2012.

The Ironman U.S. Championships came and went pretty quickly.  I finished 10:47:10 12th in my age group with Swim: 54:42 (thank You Hudson River current) Bike: 5:26:01 Run: 4:15:33.  On the boat ride back to transition from the finish line my wife caught me staring into the abyss.  She asked what I was thinking about and the response was “How much I can get for this bike”.  The feeling of ” I never want to do that again” quickly passed and motivation toward setting new goals is where we are at now.

I am currently registered for IM Louisville and IM Muncie 70.3 and am looking pretty closely at IM Kansas 70.3.  Having a season behind me allows me to now have some knowledge and the ability to set some goals with some idea of the feasibility of actually reaching these goals.  I laugh looking back with my original intent of never doing a race before IMNYC what a disaster that would have been.

After about a month of recovery and reflection I am able to set priorities on what I think were limiters from my first season.   Weight would be the first priority.  I weighed in at Ironman at 234lbs, I raced most of my other races at 215-220.  To be competitive at the level I would like to be I need to get into the single digit bodyfat .  Current skinfold measurements using Jackson Pollock 7 site have me at about 19.5%.  This gives me a goal weight of 195 or the lightest I have been since sophomore year of High school.  The lightest I have been in recent history is 209 at the end of my transformation contest in March 2011.  So needless to say I have some work to do on this. 195lbs is still heavy for a competitive triathlete but I will get there and re-evaluate.  So the plan is get under 200lbs and re-visit the BodPod at Wright State University where I got my Master’s Degree.

The next major focus is going to be on swimming.  The racks always seem to be empty when I get out of the water and when I pick up my running shoes.  Despite an IM swim of 54 minutes sounding awesome, the bag of potato chips that was thrown in with me came in around 55 minutes so there is plenty of room for improvement.  I will be meeting with Bob at the pool in the next few weeks to try and get some things to focus on in the “off season”.  I do not really believe in an offseason more like a non-competitive season.  So the next two months are focusing on diet and being fishlike and having some fun with Swim Bike Run.

In the next few weeks I will be formulating some more long term and measureable goals and will report back on how training is going.  With new additon to the family coming soon figuring out how to balance family, work and triathlon is going to be intresting.  It is only possible with the support of my beautiful wife.

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  2. Michael Powers

    Hi Scott,
    Very impressed with your program. Please contact the At dept at marist and provide your updated contact info.

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