Exerecxia the Triathletes Disordered Eating Pattern

VDOT, Watts/Kg etc… are all dependent upon how much the athlete weighs.  I grew up my entire athletic career trying to pack on muscle.  This new sport of triathlon has me going against what I know best.  It is hard to swallow that I may actually have to give up some muscle to improve performance in that sport.  Needless to say I am not quite to that point yet.

I weighed in at Ironman NYC at 234lbs.  I competed earlier in the year around 215-225.  Once I hit the build phase I stopped the focus on diet and started to cheat.  This hurt my performance in my A race even though I was in the best shape of the year.  I have set a goal of weighing under 200lbs and probably need to get closer to 190ish to be competitive at the level I think I can get too.  This is still huge for a triathlete.  My morphology plays against me in this regard but assists on those long flats in the bike.  As soon as the road turns up however its back to suffering.

My approach:

I’m going against the grain here and doing what I know best.  It is a cross between Anorexia and Bulimia, I like to call it Exerecxia.  Remember Exercise is a form of purging.  I have used this method with out the specificity of triathlon related sports previously.  84 Day transformation contest December 2011 to March 2012.  Dropped 75lbs down to 209lbs.








This body transformation included a lot of weight lifting and a lot of cardio.  My body composition was the best it was in years.  I am going old school this off season and getting the weight down.

On www.slowtwitch.com it has been said,

“The trick is to keep losing weight until your friends and family ask you if you’ve been sick, then you know you’re within 10 pounds. If they start whispering to each other, wondering if you’ve got cancer or aids, you’re within 5. When they actually do an intervention, you’re at race weight.”

My plan

I was deep into ketosis early on in the transformation contest.  I obviously do not have as much weight to lose this time but honestly want to get down to fighting weight as soon as possible.  Starting tomorrow Monday I am going virtually no carb except for what I get from vegetables.  I will be high protein with some fats, avocado and nuts.  The fridge is full of lean protein… turkey, chicken and tuna.  Nothing fancy here, 2-4 oz of protein with some veggies for about 6 meals a day.  Breakfast will be a couple egg whites with some hot sauce and a big mug of coffee.  First couple of weeks are going to be tough as I will be hungry.  This will wear off quickly as I drop into ketosis.

I want to capitalize on targeting fat loss through my training.  I am going to accomplish this with High Intensity Interval Training and Low intensity Long Duration Training utilizing the Swim, Bike and Run Disciplines.  I will also be completing a weight training regime focused on strength 4-5 days per week.  Consistency is the key here.

I’ll be reporting back progress as this thing moves forward.  Currently having some ice cream, which followed my chinesse and pizza take out.  The last ‘


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