Powerlifting and Triathlon

Powerlifting and Triathlon (Salt and Pepper or Oil and Vinegar???)                    

I found it very fascinating that a PubMed or Sports Discus search brings back very few hits on strength training in triathlon.  There is much controversy in the triathlon community as to the efficacy of strength training for triathlon performance.  In typical fashion I go against grain of a normal approach to my programming.

So I have officially adopted Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 approach to my strength training this off-season.  Yes this is the guy that has squatted 1000lbs in competition.  It is a 3 week up with a 1 week down strength program that progresses every 4 weeks. 

So I started with testing the 4 core lifts last week my meek results were:

Core Lift


Bench Press




Shoulder Press





Yes it was a very saddening week.  I used to warm up with those weights in college.  The more depressing issue was the obvious issues going on.  So I have major imbalance issues in my hips.  The mirror made this very apparent.  I do a complete shift to my right side on the eccentric phase of the squat.  This was my affected side which I rehabbed hard during my IT band troubles.  I was sure to work the contralateral leg as well but there are issues going on.  My mobility is still an issue in end ranges of the exercises which was nice enough to express itself is some neon soreness all of last week.

I am going to execute the core lift as prescribed in the plan.  The plan also gives you some autonomy with the second half of the workout.  I will be doing the hypertrophy work with an additional emphasis on targeting muscular imbalances and needs.  This list includes scapular stabilization, gluteal control, and core development.  I will also be continuing my focus on mobility.  Big fan of the MWOD by Kelley Starrett, DPT. 

So far so good, hopefully the lifting will allow me to hold onto some muscle as I start the caloric drop and ramp up the training.  Time to ease back into some form actual swim bike run.  The run and swim are a little dicey right now.  Really thinking of doing the Tecumseh Trail Marathon on December 1 as a motivational tool to get me into some decent training again.  I have no intention of doing run specific training or strict periodizing for this race.  Hopefully I have some good updates on my next post. 



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