2013 Pre-Season Testing

Field Testing

So as I start my second season of triathlon my coach has assigned the always fun field testing for the first two weeks.  This is still a little strange for me.  In my football days, Pre-Season Testing is when you were your strongest and you got the opportunity to show off your hardwork.  The next mission was to hold onto as much of this as you could throughout the season.  Triathlon is the exact opposite, it is a measurement done at your lowest fitness level of the season and follows a more classic peariodization toward peaking for an “A” race.  The goal of this testing however was not truly to assess fitness but to assess Heartrate zones.  I had a few issues last year with testing that we will see in the historical data.  We got much more consistent data this year to work with and to set training zones.  Been a while since I had that blood taste in the back of my throat.  Oh field testing how I missed you so…..

10 min bike

Protocol – 15 min warm up easy
RESET watch
Ride as hard as possible for 10 min
record max and average HR
cool down and stretch

Average HR: 154 bpm /Max HR: 161 bpm

Avg Virtual Power 392 watts NP399

MPH on KK Road Machine – avg 23.99

Test peformed 11/21/2012

Test peformed 11/21/2012

Pretty big unintentional power spike at the beginning of this set settled in pretty quickly.  Felt Superloaded up the last 6 minutes tried to keep cadence up over 85 rpm (avg 87) and just hang on at an even pace , really thought I was going to have to go to an easier gear until I settled in.Historical: 12/21/11

Avg HR: 156 /Max HR:  166 bpm  Avg  Mph 22.42 on KK Road Machine

40 Minute Run Test

Protocol- Warmup very easy for 5 minutes. Gradually accerlerate to 10k race pace over the next 5 minutes. At end of the warmup reset watch / hrm and continue running for 40 minutes at maximum sustainable pace. At the end of this 40 minute effort stop watch and record data. Cooldown 10 minutes very easy.

Avg HR: 159 bpm / MaxHr : 162 bpm

Pace: 6:57

Run 40 min test

Historical 12/23/11

AverageHR : 161 bpm /Max HR: 167bpm

Pace: 7:35

40 minute Bike Test

AVG HR: 149/ Max HR: 158 bpm

AVG Power: 330 / Normalized Power 331 watts

Avg Speed: 22.33 mph

Bike 40 minute Test

Historical 12/28/11

Avg HR : 134 / Max 143 bpm

Avg Speed: 19.77 mph

10 Min Run Test

Avg HR 164bpm/Max HR 173bpm

Pace 6:07/mile

Run 10 Minute Test

Historical 12/31/11

avg 168 /Max 174 bpm

Pace 6:23/mile

Time to go tally up the results and see if anything has changed from last year.


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